The SAGE Encyclopedia
of Corporate Reputation

For the first time, the vast and important field of corporate reputation is explored in the format of an encyclopedic reference. The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation comprehensively overviews concepts and techniques for identifying, building, measuring, monitoring, evaluating, maintaining, valuing, living up to and/or changing corporate reputations.

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About This Book

What creates corporate reputations and how should organizations respond? Corporate reputation is a growing research field in disciplines as diverse as communication, management, marketing, industrial and organizational psychology, and sociology. As a formal area of academic study, it is relatively young with roots in the 1980s and the emergence of specialized reputation rankings for industries, products/services, and performance dimensions and for regions. Such rankings resulted in competition between organizations and the alignment of organizational activities to qualify and improve standings in the rankings.

In addition, today’s changing stakeholder expectations, the growth of advocacy, demand for more disclosures and greater transparency, and globalized, mediatized environments create new challenges, pitfalls, and opportunities for organizations. Successfully engaging, dealing with, and working through reputational challenges requires an understanding of options and tools for organizational decision-making and stakeholder engagement.

Key features include:

  • 300 signed entries are organized in A-to-Z fashion in 2 volumes available in a choice of electronic or print formats
  • Entries conclude with Cross-References and Further Readings to guide students to in-depth resources.
  • Although organized A-to-Z, a thematic “Reader’s Guide” in the front matter groups related entries by broad areas
  • A Chronology provides historical perspective on the development of corporate reputation as a discrete field of study.
  • A Resource Guide in the back matter lists classic books, key journals, associations, websites, and selected degree programs of relevance to corporate reputation.
  • A General Bibliography will be accompanied by visual maps noting the relationships between the various disciplines touching upon corporate reputation studies.
  • The work concludes with a comprehensive Index, which—in the electronic version—combines with the Reader’s Guide and Cross-References to provide thorough search-and-browse capabilities

Two Volumes

1048 pages

Jun, 2016

First Edition


“The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation is a valuable and comprehensive new resource in the understanding of what has become a vast field of study”

Oxford University Centre for
Corporate Reputation

“This two-volume work is an appropriate resource for specialists as well as non-experts across an array of industries…Well-organized and conceived. Suited for libraries of all types that support business programs or serve business communities.”

Choice – The premier source for reviews of academic books in higher education


“No other source offers a more comprehensive, 360-degree overview of corporate reputation..a valuable resource.”

Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D.
President & CEO, Institute for Public Relations University

“Reputation has moved to the top of the list for CEOs and boards. This compendium will be invaluable resource for everyone that needs to manage it.”

Daniel Diermeier, Ph.D.
Chancellor, Vanderbilt University
Author of Reputation Rules

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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation sets out to provide the most complete and exhaustive of what research and theory has to say about corporate reputation, from a 360-review.

— Craig E. Carroll, Ph.D., Editor

Craig E. Carroll Ph.D.

Dr. Craig Carroll is the Executive Director of the Observatory on Corporate Reputation, a research think tank devoted to the corporate communications and corporate affairs function. He is also Lecturer of Management in the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University and Communications Institute Leader at The Conference Board.

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